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Thomason Law PC is here to serve clients throughout Massachusetts. If you require the services of a Massachusetts family law attorney for divorce, child custody, guardianship, grandparent rights, paternity or other issues, contact Danielle A. Thomason for a consultation today. Danielle wants every client to know that she is here to help reduce the stress of litigation and dealing with the Massachusetts court system during any family law issue.

Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

Thomason Law PC understands the strain that a divorce can put on you and your children. As a Massachusetts family law attorney, Danielle A. Thomason can provide sound legal advice for you as you go through the divorce process. Danielle is here to explain the unknowns to you and offer guidance for every decision you make regarding division of property, child custody, child support, alimony and the other issues involved in a divorce.

Massachusetts Restraining Order Attorney

If a spouse or a person you are dating becomes abusive, sometimes it is necessary for the courts to step in and issue a restraining order to protect you or your children. In Massachusetts, a restraining order or protection order is known as a “209A.” As a Massachusetts family law attorney, Danielle A. Thomason is well-versed in the use of 209A restraining orders to help protect clients. If you are in an abusive situation, Danielle can help walk you through the process of filing a 209A and will urge the judge to file the order on your behalf. Thomason Law PC can also step in and help you file a harassment order against a person who is harassing or abusing you; harassment orders (285Es) are different from restraining orders and are generally used to protect you from an abusive co-worker or acquaintance.

Massachusetts Child Matters

Massachusetts laws relating to children during a divorce, or through other matters, are extremely complex. Thomason Law PC can provide family legal services in the following child-related matters:

  • Child custody and support (married and unmarried)
  • Grandparent rights
  • Minor guardianship
  • Co-Parenting Modifications
  • Paternity

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If you need the services of a Leominster, MA family law attorney, contact Danielle A. Thomason at (978) 534-0100 to schedule a consultation today. Thomason Law PC is ready to discuss how it can be of service to you.