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If you have had divorce papers served against you or if you are filing for divorce in Massachusetts, I can represent you at Thomason Law, P.C.. As a Massachusetts divorce attorney, I understand the ins and out of the court system and can advise you through every step of the process. If you need an advocate to fight for your rights in a divorce and custody battle, look no further than me, Danielle.

Restraining And Harassment Orders

If you are in an abusive situation and need help, I can help guide you to determine if it is necessary to file a restraining order or harassment order against the abuser. I understand the guidelines needed to obtain a restraining order from the courts as quickly as possible. I will assist in help to ensure that the court fully enforces the restraining order against your abuser.


Adoption is a life-changing, overwhelmingly positive experience that changes a family forever often for the better. However, it isn’t without its challenges, many of which come about at the very beginning of the process in the legal arena. Thankfully, I am known as a knowledgeable Massachusetts adoption attorney committed to helping children create a fresh start with a new family who loves them and desperately wants to welcome them into their home.

Child-Related Matters

Disputes relating to children are always difficult. Divorce, custody battles, grandparent rights and other issues often arise when a couple splits up. As a mother and grandmother myself, I understand the emotion that you have invested in your children. My family law practice provides services in many areas pertaining to children and the law.

Other Services Include:

  • Modifications
  • Alimony
  • Health care proxy
  • Wills & Power of attorney
  • Guardian ad litem
  • Collaborative law

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