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Massachusetts Attorney For Child-Related Matters

Disputes relating to children are always difficult. Divorce, custody battles, grandparent rights and other issues often arise when a couple splits up. My name is Danielle A. Thomason. As a mother and grandmother myself, I understand the emotion that you have invested in your children. My family law practice provides services to many of the following areas pertaining to children and the law:

  • Custody and support (married and unmarried)
  • Grandparent rights
  • Minor guardianship
  • Contempt of court for noncompliance with child support or visitation
  • Co-parenting modifications – all types of help
  • Paternity issues

Massachusetts Guardianship Attorney Services

When one or both parents cannot care for a child, a temporary guardian can be appointed to care for the child. This is often a relative and it is the preferred option over turning the child over to an unrelated caretaker employed by the State. As a Massachusetts family law attorney, I am well-versed in guardianship cases. I can represent parties on all sides of a guardianship case and provide sound legal counsel while navigating through the process.

Grandparent Rights In Massachusetts

I can also represent grandparents rights matter if needed. Grandparents may have a right to visitation with their grandchildren after the parents of a child are legally divorced or separated. I am a grandmother myself, and I understand how important your grandchildren are to you. If a parent is refusing to allow you to see your grandchildren after a separation, I can represent you as a Family Law attorney to petition the family courts to seek visitation rights.

Paternity/Custody Issues in Massachusetts

A paternity action can be initiated in Massachusetts by a father, a assumed father or a mother. The situation usually arises in a child support case in which the paternity of a child is called into question. I have the needed experience from my family law practice to serve as your Massachusetts family law attorney before the courts. In Massachusetts children born out of wedlock are the legal and physical custody of the mother. A father, even if he has signed an acknowledgement of paternity must have a court order for legal and / or physical rights to a child. Because of the many complicated issues surrounding this area of law, it is highly recommended that you consult with an attorney before you initiate a paternity action with the courts. As well as navigating the Department of Children and Families service.

Contact A Massachusetts Child Support Lawyer

If you need a family law attorney to deal with any matters pertaining to child custody, visitation or related issues, don’t hesitate to call me Thomason Law, P.C. You can schedule a consultation by calling 978-300-3718 or filling out my online contact form.