A Dedicated Massachusetts
Family Law Attorney

I Provide Family Law Mediation Services

In my years of practicing law, I have found that, for many people, going to court to fight for their case is the last thing they want, as the stress and pain of litigation can be intimidating. That is why I offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that provide more sensitive handling of a case while also preserving all the client’s legal rights in a formal proceeding.

Mediation Allows For A Collaborative Resolution To Your Case

My name is  Danielle A. Thomason. I became a trained and certified mediator in 2011 so that I could better help clients who are looking for a less confrontational style of conflict resolution. Mediation has the benefit of allowing you to engage in a good faith effort to resolve your legal issue without sacrificing the right to hire and obtain independent legal advice if a compromise cannot be reached. For many people, this is a crucial step to take before such formal measures are required. I offer mediation for all manner of family law cases, and many come to me to mediate their divorces in a cooperative fashion. If you need a mediator, please contact me today.

Limited Assistance Representation: When You Need A More Affordable Legal Solution

Here in Massachusetts, we have a unique program called Limited Assistance Representation (LAR). This program allows for attorneys like me to help clients in a significantly limited capacity, such as writing a legal document, conducting legal research or going to a hearing with a client. The benefit of this program is that it can be less expensive to hire an attorney for limited – rather than full – representation, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. If you are in need of help with your legal issue but you only want help in the critical stages of the process, you sign an agreement with an attorney to only help with those specific needs. I am a trained and certified LAR lawyer, so get in touch with my office, and I can begin helping you today.

I Am Ready To Help You Today

I understand that it can be painful to go through a legal dispute, especially when it involves divorce or child custody. I am here to help you navigate your way through this difficult process, so call my firm, Thomason Law, P.C., today at 978-300-3718 or contact me online so that you can get the help you need.