A Dedicated Massachusetts
Family Law Attorney

Cases Involving Children Require A Sensitive And Experienced Attorney

I understand from my years of experience exactly how difficult it is for families to have to go through child custody and child support disputes. It can be an emotionally draining and painful process, which is why you need an attorney who will take the lead and give you a clear strategy that aims to minimize that pain for you. My name is Danielle A. Thomason, and I always give my clients an honest assessment of their cases and plan strategies that can help them reach their goals. As both a mother and a grandmother, I understand the emotion that you have attached to your children, and I want to help protect that. If you need my assistance, call me today so that I can represent you.

When A Parent Refuses To Pay Child Support, I Can Help You Recover

If a parent refuses to pay child support or does not allow the other parent to have their scheduled visitation, they can be found in contempt of court. Unfortunately, these scenarios are all too common after a divorce or separation. I can work with you to enter a plea and seek for the other party  to pay your court expenses for having to enforce a child support or other order.

Every Case Is Unique, Which Is Why You Need A Skilled Advocate

Child support is usually determined by the Massachusetts child support formula. Every situation is unique, however, so that is why I will review your case to determine whether the court should be petitioned for additional support needs. As circumstances change in life, you may need to have modifications made to your child support agreement. Losing a job, unexpected health problems and other factors can make it necessary to talk with me, your Massachusetts modifications attorney at Thomason Law, P.C., to bring those changes to the court. Do not wait, call me today at 978-300-3718 or contact me online so that I can meet with you. If you need a family attorney, I am here for you.